How to view and print invoices in the client portal

When logged into your client portal account you can see all the invoices that have ever been created for your account.

Webfrog Studios want to make sure you never miss an invoice so we actually create three different versions of the one invoice

The following are ALL valid Australian Tax Invoices:

1. An Email Tax Invoice with a PDF Tax invoice attached
We send this email to you when the invoice is created.

2. A Web Page Tax Invoice
You can see this version inside the Client Portal

3. A PDF Tax Invoice
You can download this version from the Email Tax Invoice or from the Web Page Tax Invoice inside your Client Portal.

To view your invoices in your client portal select account manager on the home page under Client Resources. Or follow this link

Enter your account email address and password (We would have sent you this on sign up) If you dont remember your password, simply select Request Password Reset.

When logged in select billing and invoices, its that simple. You will see the status of your invoice in be able select view invoice to view a pdf copy. 

Using the PDF Print option will allow you to print your invoice.


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